We offer a full professional pre-print service, incorporating retouching and colour management  for photograph enhancement and optimization.

We offer two levels of retouching: Basic and Pro.

Basic level retouching includes: red eye removal, removing colour casts, re-cropping and correcting under and over-exposure.

Pro level retouching includes: opening closed eyes, removing unwanted objects or people, correcting image distortion, adding objects or people to a shot and airbrushing, adding special effects (e.g. creating a vintage look), adding colour effects (e.g. sepia tone), changing backgrounds.

Pro is available upon request. We would need to see the images first to determine the level of work required – started from £ 15 for pictures.


Our creative team can help with the selection of your album design. Send us your images in the order you would like them to appear in the album (numbered 1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc). For large images, printed on 2 pages, please use  e.g. 32-large.jpg.  Four to six photos fit on 2 pages side by side (1 spread). Once you send us the link, we will create the design and send a mock up for your review and approval. Included in the price are three revisions of the initial design. After receiving your written confirmation, we will produce your album according to the approved design.

Classic style offers clean lines and warm color accents. Using white space and simple strokes, our Classic design is truly timeless and lets the emotions captured in the photos tell your story.

Modern design is an upbeat style offering a bit more pizzazz. Using more graphic effects, detailed backgrounds and less “white space”, this design is clean and fun at the same time.